Sunday, October 30, 2011

Staying on Beat.

An article in the "Managing Yourself" section of the Harvard Business Review website this week struck a chord. The article is entitled "How to Recover Your Core Rhythm" and speaks to our necessity as human beings to a) sleep and b) find an adequate rhythm of exercise, work, and relaxation. The author, Tony Shwartz, explains that we tend to be most productive with mental sprints rather than marathons and that by exercising your body in this same manner will help with relaxation and mental clarity.

Managing and staying on beat is difficult and is something I've been working on since starting school while working full time. The author tells the familiar story of flying cross country just to go immediately to work and waste time being unproductive and tired all day. This happened to me just last week and served as a kick to encourage me to find a balance and rhythm.

Below is my rough map of an ideal day. This will take some refining but is a start.

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Anonymous said...

Balance and rhythm. How I long for those! The nature of our lives these days - particularly for those of us working to affect change in the world across multiple communities and areas, rarely allows for balance and rhythm. So I will watch with interest on whether you are able to realize and maintain this pattern.

Personally, I have discovered that I can - with effort, create balance. However, it has to be over longer periods - a week, a month, a quarter. On a daily basis there are certain patterns I can establish - writing first thing in the morning, ... However, I am also finding that as I simplify my life is, not only do balance and rhythm become a little easier, but also the easier it is to allow for and adjust to the unexpected.

Check in with Shawna about the wheel she posted in one of her blogs. It is another useful tool with which to regularly check in on balance and progress in different areas of your life.