Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Audacity to Play and Create at "Work"

Charles and Ray Eames were masters of design at its purest sense. They found new ways to solve problems and experience the world. For decades, their studio produced innovations, products, and environments that we still experience today.

Watching this trailer reminds me how important it is to allow time for creativity and new experiences within our day to day working lives. How even just closing the laptop and taking out a notepad and pen can help us harness our ideas to reach new heights.

One of their famous works helped shape my perspective on the world and still influences how I design and solve problems today.



Anonymous said...

Hi Caleb,
My name is Ben and I am a C9 2 year student at BGI. I am currently enrolled in the Social Web For Social Change course and our lead faculty, Christopher Allen, has asked us to look at some of your cohort's blogs. I found yours and was drawn to your post about Charles and Rey Eames. My wife Brooke is dear friends with their grand daughter, Llisa, who was a brides maid at our wedding. She has carried on the family tradition and is a talented artist. I have had the privilege to visit their home in Petaluma, CA several times and spent some time wandering around in the family museum. The last time I was there I took several photos, some of which I included in a blog post I wrote last year in our systems thinking course. I also shared the power of 10 video that you did. I have sent you an invitation and welcome you to check it out. Best regards and I look forward to saying hello at the next intensive. Ben Drury

Anonymous said...

Fun post Caleb.

I long for the day when to play and create at "work" is the norm. It is a personal mission to hasten that day... ;-)