Sunday, November 8, 2009

Changing Worlds, Paying Bills.

I started this blog to help me focus while I help start three business that have longer than immediate monetary payoffs. My natural tendency is to think big, all the time. I enjoy it. I like thinking about how it's possible to shift social behavior by slightly tweaking human systems. I like to think about how to fuel cultural evolution through a small business primarily located in a rural hub in western Massachusetts, so much so that I forget that I have to make sure I make enough personal money to eat, and enjoy other things. I tend to surround myself with detail oriented people, this is probably how the secret Australian female part of my brain attracts balance in my life, but if these people are your girlfriend or your "hetero life mate," conflict may occur.

To avoid further conflict, I thought it best that I use this medium as an engine to focus. So what will I focus on? Nothing really, I guess, the point is, to relax with the focus on the big picture and start remembering other things that I like; Music, art, design, other people who think more than I do, people my age doing cool things, buildings, chairs, islands, etc.

So the idea is that by ditching the overwhelming focus on how much work I have to do to reshape the world and create positive impact for humans, because of course I feel that weight, and I start living and enjoying other things, I'll be able to hone in on the little things that will make the big things successful. Make sense?


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